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A While back when we revamped most of our social media accounts we were really happy and excited to have this as one of our first post so its only right that it be the first  post in our blog this young woman is very courageous and we were just so ecstatic we got to make some cool shirts for a great cause. #CRISTINASTRONG #GODFIRSTBRO  This is her story… 

Cristina M. Gomez was a Senior and Peer Advisor at Florida International University, where she was also a sorority sister of Alpha Xi Delta.  Additionally, she was the Site Leader for “FIU Alternative Breaks” – a non-profit organization. Her calling was to teach because Cristina believed that “teaching is the profession that teaches all other professions”.  God was the focus of her life and as such Cristina was very involved in giving back to communities across the USA. Cristina volunteered her time at local homeless shelters, churches, His Angels Non-Profit Organization, and other charities. 

Cristina enjoyed daily jogs and running marathons.  She was training to run the Miami Marathon’s 26.2k 2015 event. In her own words, Cristina said this about her passion for running:

“I’m 22 years old, and I’ve come a long way since I first set foot on the field to run over 11 years ago.  What motivates me?  Running is my sweet escape, I found that throughout the years it has become the best therapy, and not only that, it’s exercise. Whenever I’m stressed or have too much going on, I take a break and go for a run to be at peace with my thoughts.  Likewise, I wouldn’t say that I run to lose weight, I run because at the end I feel good!  There is no way to precisely explain it.  I feel accomplished, happy, and fulfilled.  If I don’t run at least 2 to 3 times a week, I feel unproductive. I’m not sure, there is something about conquering your mind and pushing your body beyond its limit that attracts me to this sport.”

                                                                                       – Cristina M. Gomez



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